Use of jQuery javascript language


Community College Association Website.  Built in conjunction with Esuitetools.  The site interfaces with a third party member management system, providing the web frontend at which customers and visitors can interact.  

I am responsible for backend development and much of the frontend, including the following:

Assessment Resource Banks

The Assessment Resource Banks consist of resources (mostly quizzes) for primary age school children, that are used formally by teachers in the NZ Education system, to assess their students.  For the first time these resources are being made available online in fully interactive form so that students can do the quizzes on their iPads and teachers can assesses them online.  Student results can then be easily accessed, displayed and printed out and results can be compared from year to year as the student progresses.


This client wishes to organize ongoing conferences, in Spring and Autumn of each year.  Each conference has its own url prefix, such as 'spring2013' and 'fall2013'.  This was achieved by using Drupal 7's hook_inbound_alter and hook_outbound_alter meaning that these urls did not need to be set in code.  Each conference is controlled from a single content type making it easy to set up a conference.  When browsing a conference, session variables hold information about the current conference so that all information displayed relates only to that conference.  The result

Economy Watch

Complete retheme of site and implementation of multiple blocks of lists and teasers for home page and article/news pages.  Features include javascript megamenu, javascript rotators, taxonomy related lists, editor controlled featured text and links, a custom pager and slideshows.

50 Voyages

Create site from supplied graphics, flash applications and javascript.  This site consists of a number of complex presentational features requiring a high level of quality.  Travel data is inputted from a file into database table on a daily basis with airport, destination and cost for flights out of France.  The travel search uses this data to display travel information accordingly.

Personality Desk

This site sells psychological tests and related items.  A system was required whereby a user could buy any number of these tests for any number of users and link each test with a user name and email so that the users could be informed of their test and where to obtain it.  On completion of the test, each individual user can also be informed via email of their success.

The site is also configured for multi-currency payments so that a user selects a currency and all entries, including invoice and paypal, show the amount of purchase in that currency.