Full Business Appraisal

For most businesses an online presence is essential in this day and age.  The internet is still expanding and customers are increasingly going there for goods and services.

Any business should go through an appraisal or business analysis to determine:

  • Why have a website?
  • What is the website meant to do?
  • How much resource should go into the website?
  • When should the website be available?

Let's sit down and talk about your requirements.

Website Build

Open source projects Wordpress and Drupal deliver solutions that are quick and for which development knowledge is widespread meaning that you will not be stuck with a development tool that is custom or proprietary only to Passing Phase.  Both projects are heavily used and tested by their respective communities meaning that they are:


You website can be hosted on the Passing Phase server or through a third party such as Amazon WCS, depending on your needs.

Full server capabilities are available.

Maintenance and Follow Up

Once your site is built, unfortunately, that is not where it stops.  Like a car, a website needs some maintenance, and the more it is used the more maintenance it requires. 

  • Technology is constantly changing and evolving and websites usually have to as well.
  • Spammers and hackers are constantly finding security holes and compromising them.
  • Open source communities find errors and add new features to modules and plugins.
  • Business requirements change and websites need to change with them.