Economy Watch

Transfer site from html files into Drupal.  This required scraping the html files section by section, extracting out necessary field data, stripping unwanted tags and inserting into nodes.  Also processed a complex taxonomy system driven by urls and other data and created theme template from supplied theme.

Parking Solutions

The client required a payment system for parking fees whereby the user pays on a monthy basis on a set day of the month using authorize net ARB billing agreements.  However they also required an initial payment to go through within seven days of the requested start of service which was pro-rated to the duration between that start date and the regular payment date. 

Services Revenue

Complex online quoting system involving products and associated line items and discounts.

Use Drupal form system to create a quoting system for sales services.  Includes custom interface with dompdf for PDF generation.

The entire system is only available to registered users and is controlled by a permissions system to keep quotes confidential.